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Let us know at community space. Skywatcher Keith Burns took this montage of images, which shows the Dec.

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During a lunar eclipse, Earth blocks most of the sunlight that normally reaches the moon. This NASA illustration is not to scale. The red circle is Earth's darkest shadow, the umbra. At times, this can limit our perspectives, and cause us to miss out on opportunities. Solar eclipses might snatch away the familiar temporarily, forcing us to consider options we would never otherwise explore. This is when we should leap into new and generally improved terrain, even if we feel forced there by circumstances beyond our control. Lunar eclipses occur at full moons.

During a Lunar eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the moon known as an opposition between the Sun and the moon. Depending on where in the world you are, an eclipse may be visible. What we discover about ourselves and others during lunar eclipses can be tough to admit, even shocking.

Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions. Owning the fact that we have emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the first step to getting a handle on them. Eclipses throughout history have gotten a bad rap. They were both revered and feared.

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Because eclipses have correlated with climate catastrophes, such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, many cultures believed that eclipses angered the gods. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to start your new business. Launch a new product or service. Get a new job. Go after your promotion. Find your soul mate. Get married.

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Ambition is overrated. Passion is a better guiding light to your happiness and success. Mercury Retrograde Cheat Sheet. Make it work for you! The energies are becoming more cardinal, we are going to start initiating new things in a very specific direction. For many the things which appear and actions we take in the next few weeks will define the following 6 months!

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The new activities and direction we will take during the season of Libra will be as a direct response to feedback from others and as a result of change in our values. This month will be the ideal time to negotiate contracts, agreements and deals, reset the terms of old relationships in a more balanced way. Venus the Ruler of Libra is also becoming visible and will guarantee all relationships personal or professional improve! Businesses will pick up, new clients and contracts will appear Are you feeling the shift of energies and soul mood? OC Fashion Week Meeting all these beautiful people.

Chatting about life, tans and future plans. When you are trying to have a peaceful lunch with an Aries Sun conjunct Uranus toddler!

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No way, Jose! Easier to tame a Tasmanian devil! I could see the reproachful looks of other people, and I really wanted to explain to them how Uranus conjunct Sun children are hyperactive and rebellious to any authority but their own, how I have tried all parenting techniques and nothing works when he has something on his mind.

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Alas, that would have sounded only as an excuse! Full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune vibes: am I sad, sleepy, gassy or I just crave sugar? Excited to do another reading this week. Preparing the video horoscopes for each sign. Oh my, will be intense and important, especially for the Cardinal signs Aries, Capricorn, Cancers and Libras. Mars will be retro Aries square Saturn, so a lot of life changes triggered by crises and pressure, the need to overcome challenges and pressure from outside! But they will surely take these on with initiative Aries and will even instigate these, they will not go down as victims, but make dynamic changes to fix problems and take Cardinal new directions.

Fated meetings and relationships, sudden change of heart or preferences and values, important people coming in and leaving their lives And to cap it all off In December , Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius and marks the beginning of a new year cycle which will change society and the ruling structures and elite of the world.

The Dawn of the age of Aquarius is really coming! In the last years Jupiter and Saturn, the planets which determine who rules the world and what political and financial times we live in, have been joining together in Earth signs, which brought in the age of Materialism, consumerism, the power is in the hands of those that create tangible things. But from the end of , it laws Jupiter and government power Saturn will change hands! The resources will be distributed more equally to everyone Aquarius over the next years! Knowledge and science and even astrology, as they are all represented by Aquarius will become the new power!

Continues in the comments below Good for writing and art. Moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter! Positive vibes around! But square Venus, gotta watch out the calories and drinks! Maximize your luck with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in its natural home Where is Jupiter in your natal chart? Mine is in the first house I sure have gained weight. Meeting another client tonight. Love what I do Another wonderful happy client.. Love helping people of all ages. What does your life chart says about u easternastrology bazi chinesezodiacs chineseastrology love relationships career business wealth prosperity transits solarreturns birthdays wedding weddingdates spiritualreadings wealthforecast fengahui joeyyap qimendunjia spiritualcounselor spiritualcounselorelsa spiritualtherapy spirtualtherapybyelsa westernzodiac westernastrology astrolada lotuslightconsulting lotuslightconsultingbyelsa.

They loved it. Excited for what the future holds for them. Last days of summer always feel magical and a bit eerie to me, they put me in a strange timeless emotional mode. Might be because Virgo season always activates my 8th house of mysteries. What are your Eastern Astro stars and strength? Are you ready for some serious manifestation work? Weekly manifestation task is in our FB group! Can't wait to see what are you creating next for your career!

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  5. Sun conjunct Mars today! A very dynamic day! Full of action and initiatives. Just be careful because it makes people more reactive, rash and aggressive. Best to use it to do some practical and vigorous activity, like clean around, organize things, fix problems, so some physical exercise You can be very productive at work and with chores Virgo but also it can indicate more harsh criticism and power struggles at work. How are you feeling? Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters.

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    You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions. June 5 to July 5 — The June 5 lunar eclipse in Sagittarius decan 2 is not a good omen for strained relationships. Impatience, sexual frustration and lack of self-control could turn love to hate, resulting in impulsive actions and hostility. Even normal relationships might require extra effort but strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love. July 5 to November 30 — The July 5 lunar eclipse brings good fortune, happiness, new and influential friends, truthfulness and optimism.

    A more supportive home life and harmonious relationships make it easier to succeed in your outer world. This is a good eclipse to start or grow your own business, and for low-risk investment like a savings account, bonds or annuities.