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It is the 20th of August that brings the deepest state of change to connect extremes of oppositions that the sign of Leo normally stands opposed to. With the nature of this date firm and fixed, people born at this time are to learn that embracing change brings them into a state of personal power, making them magicians, occult leaders, and all sorts of rich and influential people that focus best in the time of crisis. To find the right direction in life, each individual born on August 19th needs to reexamine their emotions, authenticity, and deal with ancestors that influence them from below their feet.

They are deeply emotional and sometimes dark, depressed, guided by impulses and strange inner cravings that are magnetic and seem impossible to avoid. As time goes by, they learn that all those rivers that brought them to grow served a much larger purpose that they thought at first.


This is when they realize that they have much more influence on the world around them than they were aware of at a young age. Sensitive and deep, this is a row of rare talents that are to be used with their heart open and their acceptance for their own shadow unquestionable. The story of Sun and Pluto appears in their second planetary row, putting a strong emphasis on inner change and learnt beliefs that are to be let go of so their authentic personality can be touched.

Their tale is that of contacts with the other world, but also of panic fears and holding back, swallowing emotions, until they are ready to explode. They need to learn how to flow with moment, accepting their reactivity as a natural part of their personality instantly, and with honesty towards themselves. Carried by much bigger things that one's personal story of Self, the real challenge of Leos born on this date is to collect enough details into one whole, to see how much support they are actually getting.

New beginnings and life will present themselves when they widen their perspective enough to see a much bigger picture. It is the main task of those born on August 20th to find unity, oneness, and the true power in the center of their being.

They are to create, from the point of darkness into the light. Use your multitude of talents in multitasking. You could build a fresh set of useful alliances in a different field while remaining cautious about adding to your financial obligations. You may have your finger on the pulse of powerful ideas, and you might also have the incentive to follow through on them. Take time out for pleasant social interchanges and activities.

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Your social activity meter is soaring to the top of the dial right now, so you may relish pleasant interactions with business contacts, too. If you balance your checkbook or double-check online orders, you might find something surprising has occurred that works out in your favor. Reach out to Helena at questions magihelena. Toggle navigation. Today's Horoscopes. At this point it comes down to letting go of the need to keep things the way they have always been.

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In many ways you are clear that anything's better than this. At the point where what you've done everything in your power to preserve has to answer to the truth, who knows what is meant to be? What do you do now? If you're feeling stuck and you don't know how to handle this, remind yourself that whatever's going on is giving you more than one reason to open your life, your mind, and your heart.

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To be too fearful, or too set in your ways to tune in to what's next would be a mistake. Thinking that what you thought you "ought to do" will work in a situation that is both unique and begging you to connect with your own truth is insane. Under oodles of pressure to fit the mold, open your eyes — what works for everyone else could be the last thing you need. Stretching your limits is the key to so much of what's going on with you right now. You have become a slave to expectation. In other words: your beliefs about what's possible and your ideas about "the way things are supposed to be" need to be reframed in light of experiences that defy analysis.

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Nothing is what we think it is and there is no set prescription for getting through anything. You may think this needs to go a certain way, but if you leave things alone and step out of the way you just might tune into a miracle, and learn more about life in the process.

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Ready or not, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee! Little did you know that whoever's in charge breaks down the set and changes the scenery in regularly timed cycles.

This coincides with the fact that your mind has been blown by others who are out in front and turning you on to things that never occurred to you before. I see you questioning everything and pressing needs to make decisions that bear no resemblance to your best laid plans. Don't let this worry you. If anything, you are open and flexible enough to embrace what looks like the latest clue to the new direction. Tags: Horoscopes , cal garrison horosopes , real detroit weekly horoscopes , metro times horoscopes. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Detroit Metro Times.

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