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The important heliospheric role of coronal holes has now become clear; to regulate the magnetic saturation of interplanetary space. They generate all large geomagnetic storms, and ejection's with a southerly directed magnetic field are geo-effective. The solar winds effects upon Earth's atmospheric zone circulation, and lithospheric dynamics. The increased frequency of X-Ray flux flares which occurred, provided evidence of the large-scale events to come; especially in relation to an increase in the frequency of super-flashes.

The situation has become extremely serious due to the growth in the transmitting qualities of the interplanetary environment and the growth of Jupiter's systems heliospheric function; with Jupiter having the possibility of being shrouded by a plasmosphere extending over Io's Jupiter' Moon orbit. Therefore, a growth in the velocity, quality, quantity, and energetic power of our Solar System's Heliospheric processes.

The unexpected high level of Sun activity in the later half of , that is continuing into present time. The most dramatic of these, a X The character, scale, and magnitude of current Sun activity has increased.

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Just as solar scientists thought the Sun may be winding down it has unleashed the biggest solar flare ever recorded. Nov :. Giant sunspot unleashed another powerful solar flare on Nov. Ionizing radiation hit Earth's atmosphere soon after the explosion and caused a severe radio blackout, noticed by radio listeners across North America. This latest flare from sunspot could be historic.

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The last time a flare did this, on April 2nd, , it was classified as an X20 - the biggest ever recorded at the time. The Nov. This equation has played out in the last two solar events which occurred. The first on February 5th which resulted in X-Class flares. Within 72 hours of this event, more than 80 people died and over , homeless from sudden floods in South Africa. The second solar flare activity occurred on February 12th Within 72 hours freak tornadoes hit Georgia and Arkansas killing 29 people and injuring hundreds. Current Sun activity has increased.

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Earth's Reorganization Processes Geophysical and planetary environmental processes, progressive modifications in solar-terrestrial relationships, with the effects and activity in our Solar System's Heliosphere. A global reorganization and transformation of the Earth's physical and environmental qualities is taking place now. On our own planet these new events have placed an intense pressure on the geophysical environment.

New qualities can be observed in the natural processes here on Earth; causes and effects which have already produced hybrid processes throughout the planets of our Solar System. There are combining of effects on natural matter and energy.

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The Geomagnetic Field Inversion. The role of the magnetic field on human life, and all biological processes, and this changing state of the Earth's geomagnetic field. The natural response of the Earth to this increased saturation level reveals itself in its dipole intensity, its magnet "c" poles localization, and in its electromagnetic field resonance processes. Earth is number one among all of the planets in the Solar System with respect to its specific ability regarding the magnetization of matter. Geophysicists and Magnetologists , observing the geomagnetic processes, have traveled to the Earth's magnetic poles. In the last years this magnetic pole has traveled almost km towards, and into, the Indian ocean. This significant shift by the magnetic poles began in Recent data about the state of the Arctic magnetic pole, which is moving towards the Eastern Siberian world magnetic by way of the Arctic Ocean, reveals that this pole "traveled" more than km during the ten year period through , and km during the same interval, through This data has been confirmed by direct measurement.

Polar shift acceleration, 3 km per year average over 10 years, and its travel along the geo-historic magnetic poles inversion corridor, leads to the conclusion that the current polar travel acceleration is not just a shift or digression from the norm, but is in fact an inversion of the magnetic poles. Acceleration of polar travel may grow to a rate of up to km per year. This means that a polar inversion may happen far more rapidly. There is a significant growth of the world magnetic anomalies and in the Earth's magnetic reorganization.

These world anomalies constitute a magnetic source that is almost independent from Earth's main magnetic field.

It is the inversion of the magnetic fields process which is causing the various transformations of Earth's geophysical processes and the present state of the polar magnetosphere. The factual growth of the polar cusp's angle i. The polar slots in the magnetosphere; North and South , which in the middle 's reached 45 degrees.

During the last five years, however, it has varied between 25 and 46 degrees. The increasing and immense amounts of matter and energy radiating from the Sun's Solar Wind, and Interplanetary Space, has began to rush into these widened slots in the polar regions causing the Earth's crust, the oceans, and the polar ice caps to warm These present processes being observed are following precisely the same scenarios as those of their distant ancestors.

And additional signs of the inversion of the magnetic field are becoming more intense in frequency and scale. During the previous 25 million years, the frequency of magnetic inversions was twice in half a million years while the frequency of inversions for the last 1 million years is 8 to 14 inversions. During prior periods of inversions there has also been a corresponding decrease in the level of oceans world-wide 10 to meters from contraction caused by the crustal folding processes.

Periods of lesser frequency of geomagnetic field inversions reveals sharp increases of the world ocean level due to the priority of expansion and stretching processes in the crust. The current geomagnetic inversion frequency growth phase may not lead to an increase in oceanic volume from polar warming, but rather to a decrease in ocean levels. Frequent inversions mean stretching and expansion, rare inversions mean contraction.

Planetary processes, as a rule, occur in complex and dynamic ways which require the combining and joining of all forces and fields in order to adequately understand the entire system. In the hydrospheric redistribution, there are developing events which also indicate a sudden and sharp breaking of the Earth's meteorological machinery. Climate Transformations Major alterations, or breakdowns, in the climatic machinery, and the severe biospheric effects.

These climatic transformations and the material composition of the Earth's atmosphere.

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The temperature regime of climatic reorganization is characterized by contrasts, and instabilities. The widely quoted, "Greenhouse Effect" for total climatic changes is the weakest explanation, for this reorganization. The growth in the concentration of CO 2 has stopped, and that the methane content in the atmosphere has began to decrease while the temperature imbalance, and the common global pressure field dissolution has proceeded to grow.

The Earth's temperature regime is becoming more, and more, dependent on external influences. These general climatic rearrangements are: A new ozone layer distribution. Radiation material plasma inflows and discharges through the polar regions, and through the world's magnetic locations. Growth of the direct ionospheric effects on the relationship between the Earth's weather, magnetic, and temperature fields.

There is a growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10, years ago. Such high-speed transformations of the global climatic and its effects on Earth's physical and biospheric qualities.


At the present time there is no lack of new evidence regarding temperature inversion variations in the oceans. The growth of salinity in the Aegean Sea has stopped, and the salt water outflow from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic has diminished. Neither of these processes, or their causes, has been satisfactorily explained.

It has already been established that evaporation increases in the equatorial regions causes a water density increase which results in an immediate sinking to a greater depth.

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Ultimately, this would force the Gulf-stream to reverse its flow. A probability of this event happening is confirmed by other signs. The most highly probable scenario for the European Continent is a sharp and sudden cooling. Elsewhere, the Siberian region has been experiencing a stable temperature increase with a constant growth of up to 30 nanoteslas per year of the vertical component of the magnetic field.

This growth rate increases significantly as the Eastern Siberian magnetic anomaly is approached. Ozone Redistribution Vertical and horizontal ozone content redistribution is the main indicator, of general climatic transformations on Earth. Ozone concentrations also have a strong influence upon Earth's biospheric processes. It is now clear that the decrease in our atmosphere's total ozone content is caused by industrial, human designed, pollution, and that the total ozone content in general has serious effects upon the energy distribution processes within Earth's gas-plasma envelopes.

A process by which a chemical combination breaks up into simpler constituents, of ozone, controls the oxidizing activities within the troposphere. This has created a special atmospheric, chemical, by which the usual tropospheric concentrations, and lifetimes, of carbon monoxide, methane, and other hydrocarbon gases are modified and changed. A significant rise in the ozone concentrations has taken place in the layers between 5 and 7 miles. Ozone's oxidizing properties, a alteration of the gas composition and physical state of Earth's atmosphere has already begun.

The most serious concern is the detection of HO 2 that is being produced at an altitude of 11miles by a completely unknown source.