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Speaking of deep feels, May 18 th is bringing a Scorpio full moon sextile Pluto in your house of communication. Ready to go deep, Aquarius?

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Saturn, your personal planet of shadow work, went retrograde at the end of last month and stays there till September. Speaking of deep, a full moon in emotional Scorpio sextile intense Pluto is lighting up your house of family on the 18 th. This is powerful, emotional, and secretive energy, so heads up for some fam drama on or around this day. Saturn went retrograde last month in your house of friendships, and will be stirring up shit till September. You might even find yourself with a whole new crew come fall, but at the very least, tough talks or lessons with your social circle should be on your radar for the next few months.

Venus just moved into your sign and it is honestly so tight. Get your glow up on, and then get up get out and get some, Ram Mama.

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On the 18 th , a full moon in focused Scorpio is sextile powerful Pluto in your house of work. Expect to upgrade your power potential at the office a promotion, a raise, a desk with a view of your hot coworker?

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Mars gives you lots of power, drive, and energy, while Uranus will create the swift changes to get you where you need to be in terms of how you see yourself in the world. Circle this day on the cal, and go big, Virgo. Oh hey, Air Babes. The Sun in Aquarius is beaming down into your house of foreign relations, education, and life philosophies. This is SUCH a good time to broaden your horizons.

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Learn more, do more, get out there, ask questions, get curious, be bold. I am SO here for this. On the 19 th , a full moon in Virgo will bring more cash flow in by lighting up your house of income and wealth. Honestly though this full moon is SO tight I literally cannot. All the things are coming together for ya, Libra, so have a ball. Fun times, Scorp! Love this! Aquarius is the sign creative and bold enough to come up with major technological advances, and out there concepts that take us into the future.

That, combined with the 10 th house is going to bring lots of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into your career sector to help you get seen in powerful ways. And guess what? This house is ruled by Aquarius, sooo… Aquarius is in your corner this month big time, bb.

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Hit up all the things—parties, happy hours, mixers, whatever tf. You might also crush on someone in your friend group, so keep that door open. Either that, or hit the town v hard with bae and have the time of your lives. Or both! Think about what you want your future to look like and make moves. The Universe will send love into that action with Venus in this placement. On the 19 th , a v tite full moon in Virgo will light up your house of communication.

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Be on the lookout for a message of some kind on this day—whether a call, email, or letter—that brings good news from outta nowhere. Get up get out and get some social activity on, Sag not like I have to tell you to do that. The Sun in Aquarius is lighting up your house of friendships and networking for most of Feb. This house also oversees dreams and aspirations for the future, so be forward thinking this month.