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The Polish Astrological Society permits the users to quote fragments or particular elements of the horoscope database on the condition of indicating the source and owner. Skocz do: nawigacja , szukaj.

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Przestrzenie nazw Strona Dyskusja. In the natal horoscope of Lech Kaczyski, the difficulties and threats will be seenonly in , when Uranus and Saturn come to square Sun, creating malefic causing half-crossconfiguration and Neptune square Ascendant.

On 10 April , a Tupolev TuM plane was carrying Lech Kaczyski, his wife Maria Kaczyska, andother members of a Polish delegation from Warsaw to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katymassacre of Polish army officers and intelligentsia. The plane hit trees in foggy conditions.

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There were no survivors of the crash. Jarosaw Kaczyski was born on June 18, at am in Warsaw oliborz , Poland and LechKaczyski was born 45 minutes later at am.


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This birth time information came from their mother's Jadwiga Kaczyska statement in an interview to the press in Poland's identical twins Jarosawand Lech Kaczyski were the stars of a popular movie as children but as adult conservative politicians as. Lech is married with one daughter and Jarosaw is never married.

In general, twins who are born earlier are more determined, and dominant blockbuster.

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  6. It is so in this case that of Jaroslaw is more resolute, determined and even explicitly that directsbrother. He is better at creating ideas, concepts, programs.

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    He is also a better orator and polemicist. Not everything is agreed, but united them indissoluble bond. My life is already over - he had to say shortly after the tragedy.