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The idea is to build strong inner self and empower others by giving strength to each other. Wise parents happy children, will be available all over Flipkart and Amazon this year Post August Her work is a reflection of her never-ending determination, and concentration which began in with a fatal bike accident that left her wheelchair bound with a scarred face and multiple substance addiction.

She strongly believes that beautiful bodies and magnificent minds are made through beautiful food and smart training. In a freewheeling conversation with the Modish, superwoman Eefa shroff opens up about her life journey, what changed her course and how is she able to bring a change to the society. EEFA: I am a consulting fitness chef. I coach my clients, help them build effective eating, training and lifestyle habits that in turn help them achieve their physical best in a healthy and natural way.

It has personally helped me and my clients in empowering behavioral changes. Do you have any childhood memories that you still cherish or repulse? EEFA: It was a quick and adventurous childhood. I matured very soon as I left home at the age of 16 and fended for myself. It was a very rough one but taught me unforgettable precious lessons of life. Having said that , I fondly remember few very sweet memories that are still very vivid in my mind.


Another lovely memory I have is of the first two dishes that I cooked. One was Aloo sabzi on a wood fire stove created by me and a friend, we were aged 7. My second dish was a spinach and cottage cheese cannelloni at age It made me feel I was the coolest person alive. EEFA: I was always interested in food that made me look and feel fantastic.

EEFA: Oh my god…so many! Firstly my Mom, who is the most amazing cook alive! My Dad taught me to be honest and enterprising. One of my early clients who now is a friend and mentor, Karen Anand, opened me up to a whole new world of food journalism and stylish entertaining. But most of all, my mentors at my school, Le Cordon Bleu in London.

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I was lucky enough to find one to mentor me. It was a very hard learning experience but a delightful one.

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The amount I have learned about food psychology, food culture, and techniques from them is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life! We just need to choose our addictions wisely and know clearly which psychological needs we want to satisfy. Are we looking for security, because of seeing our parents on the verge of divorce or poverty?

Or are we seeking to feel more significant in this world where we feel our talents are going unrecognized? Or is it that you are simply looking to feel loved and cherished in this big lonely world? Whatever you do be it drugs, alcohol, sugar, suicidal tendencies or even bullying, it will only give you a temporary respite and never fulfill your that actual need truly.

I was They paid me rupees per month and free use of the gym, I was so happy. From there on I was offered a modeling job, they paid me rupees for a fashion show. It taught me the value of hard work, integrity, self-respect and keeping your dignity. No job is too small or too big when your stomach is empty since days and your room rent unpaid. I was making rupees a month on a good month, in a not so good one and nothing in a bad month.

I lived on Complan and tap water. By 18, I was making 20k a month as a model,.

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I had my pad, my little scooty, a line of boys asking me out. I thought I was the sorted! I let it get to my head. Gone was the little girl with a dream and integrity and dignity. I was skinny not because I exercised or ate healthy but because I lived on a diet of black coffee, cigarettes and a cocktail of drugs. I became egocentric, brash, uncaring and scrupeless. One night I was riding my bike and I was hit by a truck.

I almost lost my face and legs forever. The following two years were the hardest years of my life. I learned to pray, beg and ask for forgiveness not just from my creator but from all the people I had treated so carelessly, starting with my parents. I was blessed to have found a god sent plastic surgeon who gave me back my face after being told by the top doctors in the country that I would have to learn to live with the scar in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

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I taught myself how to walk, run again only through God-given divine intervention. The osteopath called it a medical miracle which it truly was but only I know how hard I had to work through unbearable amounts of pain those two years. It was a lesson learned for lifetime. I have unbounded enthusiasm and curiosity. I make a very good friend because I will stand by you through thick and thin.


My weaknesses: I lack confidence, I tend to procrastinate, I love to eat and drink everything. I tend to be overly self-conscious and have to constantly remind myself to be myself no matter what or with whom.

EEFA: Tons of things. EEFA: Man or woman, we all must be strong to fulfill our dreams and overcome the challenges that come along the way. However, I feel flexibility and endurance is as important as strength in the sport of life as in fitness. Contact information: info amoremio. Deeply imbibed in the fantasy and fashion makeup categories. A dash of glamour in the form of makeup adds confidence, ignoring the stress level of the brides that they have on their big day. The look demonstrated here portrays a similar aesthetic with dramatic metallic and purple eyeshadows that make your eyes appear even larger than normal.

The silver shimmer on the inner eye is a great focal touch so is the glossy nude lip that adds a stunning addition to the whole look. SIMRAN KAUR A professional makeup artist with various degrees in designing and makeup courses, Simran Kaur loves to experiment with bold, edgy and fierce makeup looks that are not only appealing to look at but are also easy to recreate. Following latest trends, her recent inclination is to play with color blocking, creating fun and vibrant eye makeup looks with a lot of bold colors with unflinching determination.

Reflecting the strong, independent and fearless women, extra emphasis is paid on the metallic deep green eyes, thick lashes and well-defined brows! This look is multidimensional with a lot of gleam over the lids, earthy nude brown lips, molten gold highlighter and perfectly defined contour! She seamlessly matches her makeup with different skin tones and textures, giving a naturally enhanced look that never look over the top. Her tireless passion for beauty has made her stand out as a rising young talent in the fields of fashion and bridal makeup. Nowadays, Indian brides like donning luxury in a subtle and sophisticated manner.

This flawless bridal look uses deeply pigmented rose pink shades lined up perfectly with highlight, contour and mystical false lashes. The nude pink lip shade beautifully echoes with the natural and healthy bridal glow. This soft glam makeup looks great on camera and stands out without being overpowering. In her two years of working experience, she gained experience and certifications from renowned makeup artists such as Swati Verma, Chandni Girdhar, Mehak Kawatra and continuously built on her skills specializing in bridal makeup and editorial looks.

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Shaded shimmer eyes beautifully blended into transition along with a sharp winged liner and subtle pink lips. The well-placed highlighter goes along with the contour and dewy base but it is really the eyes that make all the difference to this pretty and accentuated party look. Working in the makeup industry for over an year now, Karishma is famous for her beautifully done subtle, glamorous yet chic looks that aim to bring her innovation and creativity to life. A sweep of creamy blue glitter base across the lids accented with thick liner that makes a great natural yet glamorous impact.

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